Mr. Wayne Sharpe

Chairman and Founder

Wayne is a pioneer in the digital age, utilising the internet’s global reach to link people with products through electronic exchange platforms. Before the creation of eBay, Alibaba, Airbnb or Wayne designed and built a global business based on the premise that the internet can unlock unrealised economic value and create new markets.

He founded the listed company Bartercard Ltd (ASX:PBS) now the world’s largest non-cash marketplace where members exchange goods and services on credit not cash via a unique alternative ‘currency’. Bartercard has operated for over 23 years and in 20 countries and has completed over US$40 billion in transactions. Bartercard’s fully electronic online auction platform predated eBay by 3 years, and its online wholesale/retail shopping mall predated Alibaba by 4 years.

After selling Bartercard’s flagship operation in Australia in 2007 ($25.5 million), Wayne attended the UN climate change conference in Bali, and shifted his technological and entrepreneurial skills to the global challenge of climate change. For the past 15 years Wayne has devoted himself to bridging the nexus between financial markets and the environment, creating marketplaces and platforms that make it simple, secure and transparent for finance to achieve environmental outcomes.

Wayne created Global Environmental Markets after successfully launching the world’s largest voluntary exchange platform Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX).

Wayne is now focused on expanding the reach and use of the GEM trading platforms to assist environmental and emerging markets and new products.

GEM provides these various exchange platforms under license to exchanges and market operators internationally.

Lee Barton

Chief Operating Officer

Lee has spent the last 20 years managing Exchanges and Exchange Technology.

Before joining Global Environmental Markets as COO in March 2016, Lee was managing new Exchange technology projects and operations at Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX).

She was previously a Director and Executive Manager for Bartercard International and has over 18 years’ experience managing multiple Exchanges and exchange technology development.

An extremely efficient person capable of implementing and driving a wide range of business critical initiatives and programmes.

She also managed the project to take Bartercard public in its currently ASX listed vehicle BPS Technology Systems Ltd.

Samantha Nesbitt

Operations Manager

Sam has spent over 18 years in the Exchange industry.

Before starting with Global Environmental Markets, Sam was the South East Queensland Operations Manager for Bartercard Australia.

Previously to that, Sam managed all key operational aspects for Bartercard UK’s Exchange for over 8 years. This included creating all work flow processes for the whole UK operation. Sam also assisted in the conversion of international data in the UK for the Bartercard trading portal.

Martina Lacey

Chief Diversity Officer

Martina is a highly esteemed results-focused professional. With an extremely versatile background, Martina has held various management positions in the technology, entertainment, arts and design sector. In a snap shot, Martina was contracted through Virgin Australia for a variety of roles. In particular; she was specifically hired to manage the transition of Virgin Australia to Sabre technology in 2013. She also was heavily involved in the early years of Guvera, an online music streaming service which as to date claims to have 16million members globally, a valuation of $1billion dollars and is the most successful, privately own international start-up.

Martina has and still acts as Wayne Sharpe’s executive assistant for multiple businesses on an international scale; More recently, Martina has developed into the role of Chief Diversity Officer, where she will be responsible for successfully navigating and managing Global Environmental Markets through the complexity of sector and global challenges.

Anita Jakins

Chief Financial Officer

For nearly 20 years Anita, with her strong passion for learning, has focused on the accounting and business arena to become a specialist in business accounting, bookkeeping and administrative procedures. She has gained widespread recognition for her strong work ethics, efficiency, commitment and expertise. Over the past 5 years, Anita’s firm on the Gold Coast, Eyes on Business has grown with a wonderful array of business clients from many industries. Fortunately for Global Environmental Markets and as of March 2016, Anita joined the team as the Chief Financial Officer.