The Found Beverage Company (Found) has offset its entire group emissions for the 2017/2018 financial year by supporting a truly unique climate finance project which is making our global shipping industry more efficient.

The Intersleek Projectgenerates Carbon Credits from the application of an improved hull coating to ship hulls. The Intersleek coating reduces ocean drag, resulting in a significantly lower fuel burn for container ships. Ship owners that have applied the Intersleek coating to their vessels are rewarded with a share of the proceeds from Carbon Credit sales.

Intersleek Carbon Credit Project

Found have reduced Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions in the atmosphere that are equivalent to:

  • Not burning 48,345 kgs of coal
  • Not taking 34,948 kgs of waste to landfill
  • Not consuming 42,520 litres of fuel
  • Not driving 37,861 kilometres

Found CEO, Mark de Luca worked with the Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) to identify a climate project that he was happy to support. He chose the Intersleek project because his beverage company is reliant on sea freight to move stock around the globe and he was excited to see how such huge efficiency gains could be incentivised by a carbon credit project.

CTX Sales and Trading Manager, Josh Brown, was just as excited: “CTX works with hundreds of environmental projects around the world and The Intersleek Project is one of the most innovative carbon credit projects we have on our Exchange. Mark is clearly a guy who “gets it” and I’m really pleased that he has decided to support a project that is cleaning up our oceans and our atmosphere”.

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