Our market operations and services

GEM is primarily a technology vendor. But after many years designing and developing technology for various marketplaces we have developed a close association with teams of market operators, market regulators and market administrators.

We are able to offer governments and investors a full suite of Services to ensure a fair, orderly and transparent marketplace. Market Operations includes the following services which can be tailored to suit any marketplace.

Participant Administration

Manage the processing of participant applications and retaining participant information securely and safely

Help Desk

Establish a help desk to troubleshoot market inquiries in real time

Market Monitoring

real-time market surveillance

Education and Learning

provide webinars and briefing sessions for market participants and other stakeholders

Operating Rules and Procedures

design and draft operating rules that cover participation eligibility, trading, clearing and settlement, dispute resolution, market monitoring, reporting and disclosure

Market Intelligence

provide analytics, news and market related data

New and Emerging Market Design and Development


GEM and its management team have been involved in the design, development and operation of various markets. From relatively simple equities markets to complicated water allocation markets.

Our particular expertise is in market design, regulatory oversight, licence applications, rules and procedure drafting, designing and developing exchange systems and trading platforms and interfacing systems with financial markets and various registries.

If you trade or know of a new or emerging market, or an old one that needs technology or upgrading, contact us.

Government Advisory


GEM and it’s management team have been involved in the design and development of various emission trading programs, renewable portfolio standards, energy efficiency white certificate schemes and water trading markets.

We are prepared to assist governments, agencies, department or private actors design and implement robust programs that achieve outcomes through environmental finance and commodity markets, contact us.