Global Environmental Markets: A History

Global Environmental Markets (GEM) was founded in 2009 by serial entrepreneur and current CEO Wayne Sharpe. Wayne devised and constructed their first trading platform, which they released in 2011. Called Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX), it facilitated trading carbon credits and emission allowances and became a subsidiary of GEM.

With a world class background in building exchanges, Wayne was no stranger to this industry. Previously in 1991, Wayne had founded Bartercard in 1991. Bartercard was the world’s first ever global alternate currency exchange and they permitted businesses to exchange goods and series with other businesses without the restrictions of cash or credit. It still remains to this day the global leader in barter currency. Over the course of his CEO tenure, Wayne steered Bartercard into becoming a worldwide business. They would facilitate over $40 billion in trade, over 30 million transactions across 20 countries, operate up to 136 offices and employ over 3500 people across the globe. In 2008, Bartercard International sold the Australian Bartercard subsidiary to management for $25.5 million, which led to a distribution of over $16.5 million in dividends (as much as a 500% Return on Investment to some then recent investors). Wayne exited Bartercard in 2012 to fully focus on GEM and its subsidiaries.

Since its foundation in 2009, GEM has built its own proprietary technology and IP with the help of heavy investment. As a result, minimal “redevelopment” is required for personalisation of the technology to suit industries and sectors. GEM also provides market operators with electronic exchange platforms that help to facilitate fair, orderly and transparent electronic exchange trading platforms that give their participants the complete confidence to trade. Furthermore, GEM has a proven track record in designing, developing and operating web-based exchange and registry systems that suit any market requirements. These requirements can range from listing new products, disseminating market knowledge and information through to facilitating trading and providing world class, real time, clearing and settlement.


Stop Trashing Our Planet (S.T.O.P) started CTX R&D


Carbon Trade eXchange ® CTX founded by Wayne Sharpe


CTX was launched in London with Deutsche bank and linked registries


CTX re-launched in Sydney with fully electronic interfaces to Westpac Bank

Global Environmental Markets (GEM) acquires IP technology


Partnership agreements with Gold Standard & Americon Carbon Registry (ACR) and the Carbon Action Reserve (CAR)


Granted Australian Financial Services License (AFSL)


Water for Rivers JGE agrees to sell IP to GEM; GEM develops H20X water exchange


AU REC exchange launched; New York office opened, Agreement with RGGI


RGGI and California Exchange launched for North American environmental products aand water platform H20X launched

CTX sponsors IETA Business Hub at COP21 Paris.

CTX and GEM Platinum sponsors UNEP Sustainable Innovation Forum Paris


GEM agrees to settle hostile dispute and sells equity in operational subsidiary

Retains all IP and brands

GEM restarts Carbon Trade eXchange (CTX) as 100% owned


CTX signs world 1st deal to interface with UNFCCC CDM Registry

GEM & CTX sponsor Innovate for Climate Frankfurt and Aviation Carbon London


GEM designs and builds Global REDD+ Registry technology (buyer defaults)


GEM redesigns Registry into ITMO Registry to support the Paris Agreement

GEM and CTX Sponsor Aviation Carbon London and major sponsors IETA business HUB at COP25 Madrid

GEM launches ITMO Registry ® technology at COP25

2020 (Q1-Q2)

GEM completes electronic interface between ITMO Registry and CTX

CTX reactivates trading in Verra VCS and CER’s outside CDM and introduces OTC Exchange Cleared Trades and Corporate Lines of Credit

2020 Q3-Q4

GEM CTX launch Aviation Carbon Exchange (A.CE.) ® landing page plus CORSIA defined listings on CTX

CTX completes 1st major OTC Exchange cleared trades – 3 totalling $14 million+


GEMs first ITMO Registry commences its operation

Development of blockchain interface for Registry technology