Carbon Trade eXchange(CTX) has begun listing UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) certified emission reduction (CER) credits on its global voluntary exchange. Engaged with a global audience for almost a decade in the fight against climate change, CTX encourages and facilitates the purchase and retirement by businesses and brokers of carbon credits from many hundreds of projects worldwide.

Climate finance is a multi-billion-dollar solution to funding projects that reduce or sequester CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. For example, the World Bank provides over USD 10 billion each year to projects that increase resilience to climate change and is a major supporter of the UN CDM process.

Now any company, from small business to large corporation, can add UN CERs to build an offset portfolio online; perform full due diligence online; demonstrate competitive, transparent pricing; and purchase securely in real time with zero delivery risk.

Wayne Sharpe, CEO and Founder of CTX said: “Since its launch CTX has facilitated millions of tonnes of offset purchases certified by the major international carbon standards. Many businesses wish to offset using UN certified credits but have lacked the confidence to do so via the opaque and sometimes ‘dark over the counter’ market.”

“Surely a company wanting to offset can’t be happy paying up to 10 times more because the OTC broker has a ‘good story’? We’re delighted that CTX will address this and help to grow the market for transparent, cost effective climate finance and carbon neutrality, either directly or via credible contracted CTX brokers.”

UNFCCC senior executive Niclas Svenningsen said: “The CTX agreement will provide a new, global and much needed distribution outlet for project originators and developers under the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism – CDM – to sell and monetize their CERs.”

In support of this new strategic partnership, until 31 October 2017 the CTX platform is free to join and corporate clients need no registry account to trade UN CERs, 24/7 via any Internet connection, with fully secure, fast, efficient, low-cost clearance and settlement.

Most exciting is that for project originators (sellers) fees are only 2 per cent, meaning buyers know that the projects they buy from receive 98 per cent of the proceeds of sale.

Under the Clean Development Mechanism, projects in developing countries earn a saleable credit for each tonne of greenhouse gas they reduce or avoid. The incentive has led to the registration of more than 8,000 projects and programmes in 111 countries and the issuance of more than 1.8 billion CERs.