What We provide For You

Proven track record

Intellectual Property and technology which is licensed globally to support multiple markets including financial products (equities and derivatives), soft commodities (including energy products), bespoke markets (such as Water and Emission Allowances and Carbon Credits).

Innovative technology vendor led by experienced management

The technology behind GEM’s exchange and trading platforms have been designed by an architect of the world’s fist online e-commerce platforms. The GEM team has expertise and knowledge in both financial and non-financial products including commodities, we understand markets and entrepreneurial leadership. Meet our founder Wayne Sharpe

World class exchange infrastructure and market operations

GEM’s exchange and trading platform currently supports various global markets including the world’s largest voluntary carbon offsets platform, the world’s first water entitlement platform and various renewable energy certificate schemes. We are currently launching a stock exchange and assessing various soft commodities.

Multiple jurisdictions, multiple environmental products

If a right, obligation or entitlement is represented by a certificate or serial number on a physical certificate or within a registry then we can deliver an exchange platform to facilitate trading. GEM’s exchange and trading platform has been utilised across the globe to trade in renewable energy certificates, emission units and carbon credits, water entitlements and rights and even energy efficiency certificates.